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Ok glad we got that sorted out. It wasn't intended as a slight. Now for questions.

ok, Cuba which features do u feel set the Pt1911 above is competitors? Simply curious. I do agree normally I would prefer a forged frame but a properly cast frame on a 1911 can be just as good I believe Caspians railed frame is one such example. I would sacrifice a forged frame for less MIM in the internals personally. Such as the Ruger for example.

MIM makes me nervous because it seems to have less tolerance when improperly made.

@Officer's Match, since you've had numerous 1911s did the Pt1911 frame feel larger then the norm? That was one thing that I really noticed when holding it. it felt oversized and unfinished compared to the other 1911s at the shop. A kimber of some sort and 2 springers.

Another reason I'd find it hard to recommend a Taurus is their QC apparently both of you have fantastic 1911s which I do not doubt. But every single Taurus firearm I have encountered has had some sort of major issue usually resulting in an unsafe or non functional firearm. I believe the count is up to five now? I know others have great luck with them but I do not hence why my views differ.
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