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9MM 124 +P vs 147 gr standard pressure

When i stated that I prefer, in 147 grain weight ammo, the Winchester USA9MM1, it is because:
first, it is not a standard fmj round nose bullet design. It is a Truncated Cone, ergo, with a smaller flat meplat, for the point of bullet impact. It is known that round nose bullet fmj's skirt around, and do not impart their energy very well. A truncated cone does impart its energy, and if something is in the way, oh well.
second, I know the fourth rule is watch your backstop. However, once you have placed your bullets in the intended target region, it is, is it not, the loss of blood flow, that stops the intended BG? It is correct in thinking that with cooler weather, more layers will be worn, both by us and the BG? YouTube has shown me that hollowpoints clog, in 9mm, and in .38 Special. Once clogged, they become modified fmj's.
third, the ammunition companies think they have us by the nether region, for those of us who cannot perform reloading, due to living environment. To spend "twenty bucks for twenty rounds", is as much robbery as obama's stimulus. "Oh,oh, you, you, better buy the biggest baddest ammo ya can git!" All expended ammunition should have flown to your training target, and the intended ten-x, or just above the guy's fist, on the old FBI target, OR, to the intended point of aim on that damnable day that you practice for! A miss could mean your life, whether with $40 a box, or $15 a box!

I'm an old fart. Ya's want me to use 9mm HP, ok, I got Remington old school L9MM1, 115 grain JHP. It is what is recommended for my older BHP, so I can use it in all my 'wundernines'. In the YouTube tests, this round does NOT clog. I'm not going to pay MR. Hornady his ransom, for his geek-designed bullets. You'se guys with your plastic we-a-pons can do that.
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