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Considering the cylinder gap on my .357 magnum revolver, would a suppressor on the muzzle still be effective ?
Suppressors can only drop decibels so much, and with a high pressure/high velocity round like 357, even suppressed it'd probably damage your hearing (but may not rupture your ear drums )

you still lose some direction-determining capability.
I suppose you can rationalize your way out of hearing protection if you really want to, but it's kinda like shooting through your weak hand to block the baddy from grabbing your weapon--it may make all the difference in a fight, but at what cost if it doesn't?

BTW, the guy who's shot two rounds of 357 unprotected w/ no protection but "didn't damage" his hearing is flat wrong. I'll stand by that statement until I see before/after clinical test results, because it's impossible to escape those energy levels unscathed (unless you have a ton of wax in your ears at any given time ). Just because you've no tinnitus (yet) doesn't mean you hear all the same frequencies you used to. Your brain is quite adept at compensating for gradual hearing damage so it isn't apparent until embarrassingly bad.

I wouldn't recommend we let ourselves get shot for lack of shooting due to no hearing protection, but it's every bit as important as any other safety rule. Besides, even if you go with a "safe" low pressure/subsonic (which will still damage your ears) there is no guarantee an opponent will follow this advice. I've heard numerous tales of bad guys dropping their weapons reacting to the concussion when they pull the trigger; don't be that guy

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