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......around here, you shoot someone's dog, it better have it's teeth on your throat and not be stuck in your traps. There are huge fines and even prison sentences in the local paper every month about this kinda animal abuse. A good friend of mine works at the local vet's office and they treat dogs than have been shot as a crime and they and the local autorities go out of their way to find the person responsible. If that dog stuck in your trap has a collar and a tag on it, it is someone's pet and there are many ways to safely release that animal without getting bit. It ain't rocket science. If the dog is already dead, due to exposure or it being a conibear, you best call a warden or animal control to verify it. You also best hope the owner is happy enough to get their dog back, that they don't make you pay for the vet bills.
This kind of foolish mentality is exactly why I live where I do.

Do people get emotionally attached to dogs and cats? Yes they do, but at the end of the day, they are not a human and ultimately it is their owners responsibility to make sure they are safe. In our state game wardens have the ability to shoot stray animals that are out on public land, and if they are even mildly suspicious that the animal is harassing wild life they will. In our state trappers have the right and ability to dispatch animals in their traps, domestic or wild.

Look I don't like to see people loose their animals, but I don't think it is right that someone else has to some how become responsible because the pet owner had a problem. Would I be sad if someone shot my favorite dog? heck ya but am I going to blame them if my dog was somewhere it was not supposed to be? No after all who is ultimately responsible for that dog? Me and only me, no one else, its my fault.

And if his wife was indeed letting the dog run loose, then she is to blame for what happened not the trapper, he even admits and understands that. They are lucky the trapper and his wife were able to rescue the dog.
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