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This year was my first hunt with my wife as a companion on the hunt. Both our September Hog/Deer hunt and this month's Deer season at 'home' (literally).

We grew closer together by sharing this activity and that made the hunting more 'special'.

On a more practical note...Serving some great Pork and Venison to visiting family brought back the memories of the hunt to us and fed us at the same time.

BTW We took 3 Whitetail Does in the past 10 days, from our back deck. Butchered and in the freezer now. We have tags for one more doe and two Bucks good til Jan 6, the end of Indiana's second gun season. Porch hunting is a nice way for old folks to get-it-done.

Score now ME-1, WIFE-2 (one done in her robe and slippers in 19 degree weather) but the damn deer started to leave the orchard before we could get coats on (8 AM).

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