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I've seen a few of these guns that were pretty rough with burrs. Don't be afraid to do some sanding here to break those sharp edges. Also make sure the magazine is clean, free of large burrs, doesn't have a plug in it (seen it happen, don't laugh) and has a good follower. For the $$$ I usually just replace the follower with a good aftermarket part from Brownell's.

Some companies call cheap shells "target", don't worry about the name. Check the weight of shot, the velocity listed (new shells) orthe Dram Equivilant (old style) to see what you're really getting. The performance is more important than what its named. And speaking of names... It's a shotgun. Type the one extra letter and you'll sound a lot more knowledgeable. Shotty sounds like you shoot your pistol grip from da hip and hold your handgun sideways.

I think the Pardners are a good value. When I worked at an indoor range we kept one loaded behind the counter and shot it a bunch and had no reliability issues. It was good enough that we trusted it over more expensive guns.
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