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I am not sure about where you live but around here, getting animal control to do any thing other than collect a pay check is pretty tough. Let alone go get a dog in a rural area.

It usually does not make a difference if it is public or not, we had a similar situation here not long ago and a dog was shot while in a trap. The dog was found a while later, the dog owner and a few of the community were out to lynch the trapper but the county and city said their was nothing they could do, the trapper was legally in the right.

I am not trying to sound confrontational about it, so please don't take me the wrong way. I know how people get about their dogs, I sell and train enough of them.

I just don't want people passing blame where it is not deserved. Dogs behave very differently when they are lost, injured or trapped let a lone when they are all three at once. I would not want someone to get bit by one of my dogs. I would rather see any of my dogs put down than a person bit.
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