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The folks at Northern Firearms are great - I've purchased a handful of guns from them over the last few years, including one this afternoon. I've had zero problems and they offer hard to find guns at pretty good prices. Yeah, you can look around a bit and maybe find something a little less expensive, but they include shipping - other folks ding you for an extra $25-40 or more for what they include. They also often include extra mags and a carrying case. I bought a Kimber Super Carry Pro HD from them and the cheapest price I could find new for it from a dealer was $1375. I paid $1449 for it. Included shipping to my dealer and two additional magazines & a range bag. I'll probably put the magazines and range bags up for sale on one of the gun sites and recoup $40-50 for it. That'll go towards buying some Wilson mags and a new recoil spring - somewhat of a must have when buying Kimbers.

Bud's, by the way, had the same thing less bag and magazines for $1549 - which was kind of surprising as Bud's generally has pretty good prices. Could I have found it a little less expensive? Maybe. Most of the folks selling these online don't have them in stock. Northern has it in stock and it won't surprise me one bit if it ships tonight - although I did order it late in the day.

As to the return thing... meh. My two cents is that if you need a return period for a new gun you haven't decided whether you really want it. I don't think it uncommon for most retailers to NOT offer a refund period - and for those that do? Good luck actually getting them to execute on that. It makes a lot more sense for used guns but I'd bet that most retailers aren't going to offer a return option for a used gun. I know this will be different for everyone, but I look at buying guns online as an option to get a gun closer to cost with no sales tax (8% where I live). Most of the dealers in this area are charging list (1650), which would mean this would be a $1782 gun if I bought locally. So... I'm rambling. Net/net, deal with Northern with no worries.

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