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At the risk of getting flamed, . . . let me just throw an opinion here: if you have to look at your holster to make sure you are putting your weapon in it without shooting your leg, butt, or other hand, . . . you are in definite need of some serious equipment, . . . some serious training, . . . and probably a good dose of self confidence.

No flame here. I just been carrying a gun for over 30 years and Mr Murphy is my friend. I know cops who shot themselves in the butt with a crappy factory double action revolver trigger.

My point, there is no rush to holster, it should be a controlled activity. I see a divide with the guys who carry guns with active safeties and those who do not. I carry a Glock, it offers many things that to ME that outweigh other designs. I am very confident in my abilities and equipment and I have had some of best training in the country.

On a duty rig, yes you need to be able to holster by feel, concealed carry is another beast. That is why a carry system is a "System" and not just a gun and a holster.
My rifle and pistol are tools, I am the weapon.

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