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To answer the OP's question, and not trying to sound snotty but I make it a point not to carry pistols that malfunction.
Well, not snotty but I would be seriously interested in your crystal ball that tells you when your gun is going to malfunction so you can be sure you are carrying one that does not? Wallmart sell those? Made in China?

You maintain the gun as best you can, and if it acts up and there is not a damned good reason (you correct and then test and prove it), it goes into the hold group until resolved.

Revolvers are probably (or were) more reliable than semi autos but they are not a guarantee though they sure don't have some failures.

I have carried a gun with fewer than 200 rounds for CC as I felt good about how it did.

Partly I go by feel and if I am wrong, so be it.

I had one failure in a semi auto and that was a gun that was kept around and simply not lubed (at the range where it occurred). It was one of my keep around guns.

It was huh?. Took it home, lubed, cleaned it and back to perfect function. Note to self, you can't just leave them unshot and unlubed for that long.

Live and learn.

No pat answer, do the best you can.
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