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Everything is subject to some interpretation Yetavon....

but while they say "hard cast loads" to mid range jacketed....I'm not confident that theHodgdon loads for LRN are really considered "hard cast" my interpretation is you should only go to mid-jacketed range 4.2 grains....and with your min for jacketed at 4.1.../ I would then consider 4.2 as your "max" with a Berry's bullet.

So I think the range is 4.1 or 4.2 ...and with this 4.2 grain load, in the books giving you a velocity of 4.1grains at 1069 fps....and 4.4gr at 1136 fps...4.2 will give you a velocity of about 1091 fps probably.../ but the point is, you're under the velocity recommendation from Berry's - so that's good. I know I'm making some assumptions on the velocity being strictly linear...but even at the high end of jacketed bullet data, you're still under what Berry's tells you is their max velocity.

So I would adjust my press to drop 4.2 grains .../ maybe just a few hundreths lighter....but I wouldn't want anything at 4.3 or higher.../ or anything below 4.1...and TiteGroup drops so accurately, at least in my Dillon 650, that getting it right at 4.2 should not be a big deal.
Anyway, that's how I rationalize these tables....while I say 4.2 ought to be your load, I do I think setting your "target drop" for powder at either 4.1 or 4.2 is just fine / depending on how precise your equipment is dropping powder.

TiteGroup is a good powder....but its a powder that requires attention to precision.../ it would be really easy to overcharge a case with TiteGroup. If your press does not have an installed "powder check die"...I'd be extra careful / but you can do it with good procedures.
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