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I plan on doing dynamic training (shooting/moving) to keep skills sharp. The calibers I'd be firing are 9mm, 7.62x39, and I'd be shooting a 12 gauge but don't know which shot to use to avoid potential splatter.

Are there any tips and advice to be had given this scenario?

If you can angle the target surface of the steel targets the bullet fragments can be directed (mostly) where you want. Once the steel surface starts to get craters the change of fragment going in unpredictable directions increases. If the angle directs the bullet splash towards the ground, you should also insure that there is nothing on the ground to promote more bullet splash like a metal target base.

Defensive handgun bullet velocity presents a slightly lower risk than the rifle bullet velocities due to greater energy and cratering you should expect with rifles (thinking center fire cartridges here).

Always wear eye protection!

You may have to accept the risk of some cuts from bullet splash. Avoid jacketed bullets as the jacket fragments can travel paths that are not straight lines due to their random shapes and spin.
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