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I keep stuff stored in my pickup. I have a bag that I carry everywhere inside my work vehicle that contains things I feel are important and useful. It is a tool bag full of misc. useful junk. I keep a power converter in my vehicle also.

I always have some tools, SAK, first aid kit, cell phone stuff, GPS, proper ID's for business, business cards, insurance info, compass, maps, firearm, etc ... quite a lot of stuff when you really look at it item by item. My latest thing is a battery operated reciprocating saw. I also have various measuring devices (tapes, electronic laser and so forth).

I used to carry my laptop, but now since I finally got a smartphone, I leave that at home unless I know I am going to need it. This was mostly for emails.

I carry a camera bag if I am out taking pictures or place everything into a day pack for woods carry and use. I don't carry a man purse. But when I spent time in another country, I did have a man purse which was useful to hold some necessary things.

Does the bucket I keep in my pickup for trash count?

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