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Breaking a Rule, Reholstering

Well you say,,,you might get shot by looking down to reholster the handgun and I reply then you have not done a very good job of clearing the area and the handgun should not be reholstered until you are sure the area is clear and safe.

The scene after a defensive shooting should be considered a "fluid situation"; a situation that is subject to change in an instant without notice.

Consider that if the shooting takes place inside of a building there are a great number of places you can not clear unless you search.
If the shooting takes place outside in a parking lot there are a great number of places that a shooter could pop up or out to engage you as you look down to holster. If, if, if . . . .

If your handgun lacks a safety device that prevents the handgun from firing should the trigger snag some material or a defective holster, then consider changing to a handgun with a safety that will prevent that from occurring. For example, the 1911 has a thumb safety that should be engaged before holstering.
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