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The injury is the Labrum, the ring of cartilage that holds the arm bone in socket that is commonly mistaken for a rotator cuff. I have an anterior tear and have a bunch of ligaments torn up. The surgery should, since we got it early on, restore normal function. Should being the operative word.

Also, I should mention that it is my left shoulder, the arm that holds up the rifle. I shoot off of my right shoulder. I am pretty much limited to a pistol.

And my question isn't whether or not to go shooting after surgery, the question is shooting tomorrow while today I can barely move my arm. I also have to work today.
That's the exact same procedure I had in 2005 on my left shoulder as well, and I didn't hold anything back in the days leading up to the surgery once I knew I was going under the knife. So if say use some common sense and don't push it to a point where you intentionally inflict further damage, but I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to shoot away given my own experience with the same procedure.

One real constructive piece of advice I can give you....keep up with the martial arts. It'll get harder and harder to do as you get older and have more things to do with your life,,,,but,,,take it from a "crippled up old guy"...if you don't it will come back to haunt you later in life.
+1000, These are my thoughts exactly. I had back surgery in 2008 and was told at that point by many I needed to give up golfing in the interest of my longer term back health. My physical therapist however thought the opposite and actually helped connect me with a sports therapist who does rehab specifically for golfers. Now almost 5 years later I'm so glad I've stuck with golf since it has been so good for keeping my back and core strong and actually made my back much more healthy overall.
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