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In some States, it is rquired that you do run away if you can instead of standing your ground. Does that mean you would not use your firearm to save the life of your spouse or children? How about your friend or neighbor? In most States, you are permitted to save the life of anyone, not just yourself.
Yes I would use a firearm if need be to save someone I cared for. What I was pointing out is that, going by what I was taught, he not only went against their policy but also would have technically broke the law if he was here in Tennessee. I'm not saying he shouldn't have done it. I'm saying that I understand why they had the right to fire him.

Just to play devil advocate a little, I did not watch the video but the article said that he had robbed around 30 other businesses. It did not mention him ever even drawing the gun. It just said he would show the gun then take the money and leave. This employee running out and grabbing his gun greatly increased the risk of the criminal actually shooting someone. Had a shoot out started, it would have been because of his actions and people on the street could have been injured or worse. Thats why stores have policies to just give the criminal what they want.
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