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I'm not sure what the 9mm revolver neato factor is all about, but I would think you'd really have to be obsessed with getting a 9mm wheelgun - just for the sake of having a 9mm wheelgun, to overlook the other issues with this gun.
How about the fact that you can have ammo that interchanges from Autoloader, to Revolver, to Carbine? How about the fact that 9mm ammo is the cheapest centerfire ammo available? .38 Special is $16/50 for the cheapest I can find. I can get 9mm for $10/50. 9mm out performes 38 special by a good margin.

I dont want to buy the Charter Arms 9mm revolver, but do want to take a look at one, so I can see/understand the extractor. My Taurus 905 is just a great little revolver, so that is what I am staying with. I cant understand, why people cant understand, that the 9mm revolver is a great concept. For those of us that dont reload(me)and must buy factory ammo, the 9mm make perfect sense, from an economical standpoint.

I have a much better 32, IMO- a S&W 432PD. The only drawback is that it's still the size of a 38 special. Why do I need a gun this big to fire 32acp, and what would be the point?
I see a real advantage for a person, who for whatever reason, is recoil sensitive. I have elderly parents, who could not control the recoil of a 38 special, or of course, anything larger. So what is left, when considering a revolver? 22LR and 22 WMR. A 32 ACP revolver would be nice, because ammo is available, and recoil is reasonable.

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