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John Williamson--I've used the liquid-fueled ones for many years, and been concerned for the whole time about the odor. Never had proof one way or the other about the odor affecting deer or other game.

I've hunted with a bud who swears by the little chemical paks you can put into your boot, or into a glove. They have no odor, at least one I can detect, and he has been very successful over the years, both gun and archery hunting. My objection to the chemical paks is that they are a one-use item; you constantly have to buy new ones and dispose of the dead ones.

A different consideration altogether: In recent years I've been using a muff, rather than any handwarmer, with great success. It keeps the hands toasty warm; you leave it on your left hand (for a right-handed shooter) and hold the rifle up, and your right hand is bare, warm, and free to operate safety, bolt and trigger squeeze with no impediments. A pair of light gloves augments the muff, for use when hiking out to one's stand, etc. So that is the way I've gone. Haven't used a handwarmer of any type in the last 5 years at least.
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