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New LCR Broken

I don't usually come on here to complain but I thought I should do my part to inform the community of my recent issues so that consumers can make informed choices.

I purchased a new Ruger LCR in .38 Special +p about 10 days ago that was on sale for $399. During that time I only had the opportunity to dry fire it perhaps a couple hundred times (which the manual indicates is fine). Somewhere around that time the gun seized up and refused to budge. I dropped it off at UPS this morning to be sent back to Ruger. It appears to me that the transfer bar has broken since the firing pin is sticking out.

I knew beforehand about the problems with short-stroking the trigger, so I was always trying to be mindful of fully releasing the trigger with each pull. Even so, it would, on occasion, malfunction to the point where it would begin to turn the cylinder and then refuse to move any further. Simply releasing the trigger again made it operational until the complete malfunction two days ago.

The problem is, even if Ruger fixes it, I know I won't feel comfortable carrying a gun that didn't last through a couple hundred dry fires. I don't get the opportunity to purchase a new firearm often, so I am extremely dissapointed in this turn of events. I think I may have to offload the gun at a small loss when I get it back.

So, now the community has anecdotal evidence of an LCR that broke without ever firing a round. Thanks for reading.
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