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For those of you screaming about a .32 revolver, most of you let one go by without even a nod. Taurus had an M327 revolver in 2" and canceled it last year.
This revolver would shoot 327 mag., 32 H & R., 32 Long and 32 acp. I have one that has never failed and has a good trigger. Wish I had another.
I have a much better 32, IMO- a S&W 432PD. The only drawback is that it's still the size of a 38 special. Why do I need a gun this big to fire 32acp, and what would be the point?

The appeal of a 32acp or 380acp revolver, with a frame proportional to the size of the cartridge, is that it would be a very small gun. It could be I frame sized or smaller. And several such tiny revolvers were available 100 years ago, but they're somehow impossible to manufacture with today's technology.
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