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His argument is that in the case of a semi auto shotgun, all you have to do is point and shoot, nothing else is really required other than pulling the trigger. He expressed his concern about his wife remembering to chamber another round if the situation required her to fire more than once.
Your buddy is right but the gun has to be loaded with one in the chamber so all she has to do is push the safety off. She won't be doing reloads or jam clearing drills if the ammo is right and she has done a fer drills just grabbing the loaded gun, safety shoot.

His rebuttal is that in his current situation, time is something that simply is at a high premium, especially with a three year old daughter and the struggle they are faced with trying to make ends meet. Training at the range for such a situation is not something high on the priority list right now.
There are the two flies in that ointment. I would never keep a loaded shotgun where a 3 year old could get to it and there is no place a 3 year old can't get to if they have a mind to go there. Same goes for a handgun unless she is willing to wear it from the time she gets up in the morning till she goes to bed at night. Is she isn't or won't or can't train then perhaps an old farmers gun will be better for her. A 16 or 20 gauge single shot break action gun. A large high visibility front sight up front and she is good to go for one fast deadly shot and depending on her mental state a quick second shot if needed.
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