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My anecdotal phone call to Autozone about the employeed firing

(Newbie here, I had to join and give my two cents worth.)
This story got me so riled up that I called the Autozone corporate office this morning to voice my opinion.
This is what followed (as best I can remember):
Corporate office in TN told me they had not heard of the news...
I told them that if the story is true, I will no longer do business with them.
They took my message down, and then offered to patch me to the regional Autozone office where the attempted robbery and employee firing took place.
I said sure, why not... After a couple minutes of being on hold, I was patched through to a conference/speaker phone call with some owner/manager/whatever guy...
He was not alone, as a woman could be heard on the line with him as he answered my questions. Anyway, the man on the phone told me the employee had been fired, but not for stopping a robbery...
When I asked was he fired for using his own gun to stop the robbery... he told me they had a zero tolerance for guns in the workplace...
So, I asked... He was fired for using a gun to stop a robbery?
Sir, we can't discuss employees, past or present, or terminations, yadda, yadda, yadda...
But, I reminded him, he had already told me the employee had been fired...
I then told him I wasn't a reporter, or a lawyer, just an average joe citizen, wanting answers and voicing my opinion...
At this point, I could tell he was getting mad...
He then asked if there was an auto part he could find for me... Over and over again... Sir, how can I help you? What do you want from me? What auto part may I locate for you?
I told him no thanks, that the call was kind of funny/ridiculous at this point. I told him that he could certainly count on me, my family, friends, that we would never shop at Autozone again.
He quickly told me that's the great thing about America... that I could shop wherever I wanted to... And, that he would love to keep me as a loyal customer forever... Etc.. (All of which came across the phone as a bunch of snarly hate filled attitude.)
I told him I appreciated his wanting to keep me as a loyal customer, but assured him again that I would never do business with Autozone again.
I then thanked him for his obvious hate and smart aleck attitude he had given me.
He then hung up on me. Such professionalism.
I suggest everyone call Autozone and voice their opinion.
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