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Originally Posted by SEHunter View Post
To determine the headspace for a specific gun (and the sized cases for that same gun), does my headspace measurement come from measuring the head space of a once fired case in that gun or do i measure the chamber with a tool and then use that measurement to set my die?

What guages/tools do i need to purchase to be able to measure head space? There are so many products and i get them confused as to which one i need and what they do.

My main goal right now is to determine head space and correctly adjust my dies. I use RCBS standard dies-are these good enough to perform good sizing? Please use laymans terms

Forgot to add- im FL sizing

Am looking at the Redding FL bushing die. What size bushing do i need for the 22-250?
I use a Dillon 550 with Dillon Dies, just an fyi. But the way I do it is eith a Dillon case guage. I first screw the FL sizing die down to the shellplate, then move the shellplate down and turn the die another quarter to half turn down.

Then I take a lubed case and run it through. Then i drop it in the csse guage, I make sure that it is lower than the top step, flush with the lower step is perfect. Then I check it in my rifle to see it the bolt closes either in an ar or bolt action rifle.

If everything checks out, I run that same shell through again and leave it in the die as I lock down the die to the press. I do the same thing everytime ai lock down a die setting as well.

After that, youre good to go. Get a case guage and check it there and then use the rifle as well to confirm it works and youre all set. Its very easy, yet very much a pain in the butt if you dont get it right before you begin to reload.. good luck!

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