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To reiterate. Guns are weapons. Is this true or false? If an anti-gunner asked if you carried a weapon, would you lie and tell him no? These are pertinent to the topic. Not FPS Russia and his vendetta against watermelons. If you'd like to discuss that, I'd suggest starting a new thread with that as the topic.
No. But I don't carry a BB gun, a Hammerli, or an Anschutz. Those are not designed to be used as weapons.

And honestly there are cases where I will not use the term "weapon" even when it is a gun designed for use as a weapon.

The number one reason is it's usually it's not specific enough- that goes without saying- weapon could 100 different things. "My Remington model 11" is more specific- although my son referred to it as an A-5 last week.

The second reason is I don't feel "weapon" is a suitable term for what boy scouts and cub scouts are training with. Or any other children for that matter. Their mommies will away with their precious little babies in tow. And their babies will stay that way until we see them in an Occupy Wall Street rally, where they have developed into big babies.

IMO, the only way the fight for the Second Amendment will be won is to bring as many people as possible into shooting, not in logical debates with "anti-gunners". In that case, the "W" word turns a lot of people away, and just isn't necessary.
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