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Mossberg isn't the first name that will come up ...when you ask anyone what a good quality semi-auto might be. However, it doesn't mean it won't fit your needs for an entry level gun to get some experience with. I think its probably fair to say the reports on Mossberg semi-autos are mixed...

With a 24" barrel ( or any barrel under 28" ) ....the gun is going to have a short sight plane...and for most of us, it will tend to make it light and "whippy" vs a longer barrel, that will tend to help you smooth out your swing on clay targets. Its not a barrel length you'll see on clay target fields in general - among experienced shooters...barrel length of 28" or 30" are common with semi-autos. I'm a little bigger than the average 6'5" and 290 in a Semi-auto, I like a semi-auto with a 30" barrel. Even a semi-auto in 28" is too "whippy" to me, and I tend to "slap" at targets rather than execute a nice smooth shot.../ my buddy who is around 6' and 190 lbs likes his semi-auto in a 28".../ but I don't see any serious shooters of semi-autos with barrels shorter than 28".

24" is also a barrel length, that will give the shooters on a Trap field adjacent to you - a lot of muzzle blast - as you move left or right on a target in front of them essentially. Many of us, would prefer not to shoot next to someone with a short barrel a 24". Some shooters don't like to shoot next to someone even with a 30" barrel that is "ported" either...the blast can seriously disrupt the shooters next to you.

In skeet or sporting clays - the 24" is pretty short too.../ if I shoot a semi-auto in Skeet or sporting , I will still stay with a 30" barrel. Skeet is a quicker game ....but even there, the 24" will be a disadvantage to you long term ....but it won't present any muzzle blast issues because only one shooter is on the pad at a time.

Capacity on a skeet, trap or sporting clays field not an issue. You can never load more than 2 shells at one time - not even in the magazine.

Note: if you really want input on the Mossberg specifically - I'd suggest you start a new people see it in the title...

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