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M1 Garand, to restore or not...

A friend of mine recently inherited an old beaten up M1 Garand from his dad who unfortunately is almost completely blind due to old age.

He wanted to know if he should restore the rifle, it's been taken care of and shoots fine, but the stock and the finish is worn to hell and back according to him, not much blueing left and the furniture is dinged up and chipped all over the place.

Would it be worth restoring, he's considering restoring it and presenting it as a gift to his father who's a retired Army colonel who served in the Korean war commanding tank battallions.

I don't know much about the rifle other than how poor it's visual condition is. He never gave me any information about the markings or who made the reciever and what have you. From a collectors stand point, would "restoring" the rifle ruin its value?
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