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Are the pro-Kahr folks just unaware of this problem? Do they assume that the manual is simply wrong? Normally, we assume that the manual is correct. Who wants to load the chamber with a badly-designed slide release? Just don't get it when there are so many other great pistols w/o this design flaw.
If you don't like the design or what needs to be done to run it properly, that's one thing.

But to call it a problem and a flaw is a falsehood. If that's the way the manufacturer intends for it to be operated, and if doing so that way ensures proper operation, where is the issue- with the operator who doesn't want to follow instructions, just because it's a bit different.

I have not had any problems with my PM9 feeding. I also operate the gun the way the manufacturer recommends. I also don't have any problem with my slide stop.
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