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Military is also interesting primarily in penetration (despite the fact recently we have been fighting people who do not wear any kind of protection!)

M16/M4 is the same, you read a lot of do dah, but the end result is they are continuing to meet the spec to penetrate a helmet at 300 yards or some such, when the Taliban and the Ben Ladens bunch do not wear them, let alone body armor and the field resutls say they need an expanding deer type bullet.

You can't have both and you hope the holes you make do something critical (ergo the constant comments about multiple 5.56 shots to stop the enemy and double taps stuff (hmmm, double tap my foot, keep shooting until the threat is gone).

Anyway, my disagreement wit the 147 is based on its slow and gelatin is not a human body. In that regard the 124s (and near size ) have the velocity to expand reliability. I am still not sold on the 147s doing the same thing in a "homo sapient"

I am not saying I am right, I just think the 124s have a better record there and want to see some real world data that supports a 147.

And how much penetration do you need or want?

For a HD or SD over-pentarion and carry on is an issue.

Frankly if I miss I hope that my walls and neighbors walls stop the bullet before it goes on through into their house (I am going to shoot and hope for the best because I have to but I don't have to like it).

That goes double for the Critical Duty. Its place is for LEO, not HD or SD. Its intended to penetrate more. Not something we are likely to need. Its not intended for that and frankly should not be in a gun unless you are in a barrier penetration role need.
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