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Kahrs are not built for the weak or less experenced shooters. They are a +P pistols and that alone does give it a heavier recoil spring. Cut two links off the recoil spring and shoot standard 9mm ammo and its somewhat easy to rack and work the release. I have two kahrs for carry. There just part of a safe full of makes and models and both not only sling shot but chamber fine working the slide s l o w l y by hand. Bullet design can come into play here.

The manual said what it may need to function as some people ether don't have the strenght to pull the slide of a new kahr all the way back ,AND get a quick clean release and with out a full pull AND quick clean release it will not work when NEW, that would be the first couple hundred rounds. Thats when they will need to shoot one in first useing only the slide hold back lever till the recoil spring softens up a bit so they can work it . For weaker hands that may take both thumbs.

My 100 lb daughter can run my cm9 but does not like the recoil. My cw9 as nooo problem for her. Maybe shes just a bit tougher than some or has simply developed good small gun skills. The cm/pm series are a concealable small light weight pistol. IT is simple not made for weaker people . Before buying a handgun it is wise to read the manual on line and ask about concerns on line. Not buy first to find out later. Kel tec pf-9 can be the same way. Buy a small NON +P pistol and you can probably do with it as you want to.

Most every firearm today has WARNING, and no reloads . And with some pistols NO +P loads at all and basic directions for inxperenced shooters.

Don't feel to bad , I never would have bought my first kahr if it was not for someone like you that sold one so cheap I had to buy it. 2200 rounds now thru mine and not a single problem. The guy I bought mine from is a very seasoned shooter too. A couple years later after shooting his/ my old kahr he has another kahr and now CC's it after learning a few things about them. To each there own, just don't slam a pistol because its a problem for you. Just maybe your the problem or ammo.

These smaller kahrs are not for all shooters, simple enough.

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