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OuTcAsT, some of the experts here, and some of the certified trainers, advise defending from a safe room just because that is the strategy promoted by virtually all other experts.

There are others, however, who have personally engaged in FoF training using simunitions. They have found out what works and what does not. I seriously doubt that you will find many of them who would try twice to stay in one place while exposing half of themselves and aiming a firearm, with the hope that the other guy will be fully exposed and will not shoot them.

You could ask them, or you could sign up and try it yourself.

In the final analysis, it is the defender's objective to stay unhurt and to protect his family, using deadly force effectively as a last resort only when it becomes necessary. That means not exposing himself to fire. It also means that his objective is not to figure out how to best engage and shoot the guy somewhere in the house because he has entered.

BTW, if you have the facilities, have someone put some targets on the other side of a wall and start shooting through the door. Count the hits. I do not think that you will worry much about that possibility afterwards.

Then have two or three people engage a person who is half exposed, using simunitons, paint-ball, or Airsoft. I think you'll give up on that strategy. One or more of the intruders may get hit, but that's not what's important.
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