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Hunting(Tactical) Sling for Deer Hunting

I deer hunt in an area where we hunt with shotguns due to state law and the need to shoot 0 - 150yd shots quick.

So, I got a Mossberg 930 shotgun. I bought a red dot for quick shooting and good accuracy out to 150 yards. . .

Most shots when driving are like 0 - 10 yards. Standing, shots are usually on the longer side.

So, I'm thinking I would like a sling of some type which holds the butt at my shooting shoulder and the barrel across my body pointing down. I also need the freedom to tuck it to the side to bend down to get through a tight spot in the woods or to get it so the barrel won't stick in the ground when dropping to sitting, kneeling or prone.

I'm thinking a 3 pt sling with buttstock adapter and magazine end plate would likely be best, but a single point sling with a receiver end plate adapter might be the most flexible. Anybody try something like this to ease carry, but keep the shotgun at the ready?

Here are the adapters I'm talking about: link

Sling 1: link

Sling2: link
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