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Originally Posted by manta 49
PS is America turning into a nation that risk averse that they can't go to the restaurant toilet shower sit in there own house etc without worrying if someone is going to shoot them.
You're talking to a forum of firearms enthusiasts. For better or worse, the thoughts/opinions represented in this thread do not represent the vast majority of Americans, most of whom never consider the "tactical" aspects of anything in their lives. The key is "Americans". We are free to make that choice and no one else has to like it. Freedom. It sure beats.... everywhere else... in the world.

Stop by an auto racing forum. Lots of those guys have roll-cages and 5-point racing harnesses in their street cars. Technically, what they're doing is a lot more likely to save their lives than "tactically" picking where you might sit in a restaurant.

We're "gun people". We do tactics. They're car people. They do cars. Neither one can imagine how the other so totally ignores something so potentially deadly but we (both) do.

Sniff. Sniff. Smell that? It's FREEDOM.
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