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Swaged bullets are formed in a die under high pressure that forces the cold lead to flow into the shape of a bullet.

I've had good luck with 200 grain plated SWC's in my single shot .45 Colt carbine. Very accurate.

Sticking a bullet in the bore is a very real danger with plated bullets in a carbine. Starting lead data might be too low to get them out of the barrel.

With plated bullets I like to look at both lead data and jacketed data and use charges that are listed in both sets of data. Usually that means going with the starting load listed for jacketed bullets and working up but going no higher than the top lead load.

Or just go with Trail Boss. 6.5 grains of Trail Boss is my go to load for any 200 to 230 grain, lead or plated bullet. It fills the case well improving safety and accuracy.

Don't over flare your cases. Flare just enough to get the bullets started. You need good bullet tension to keep the bullets from moving under recoil.
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