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No problemo!

It is recommended to use SOME type of lube INSIDE the neck of any bottle necked rifle cases. It's to aid the expander button to slide easily on it's way out of the case.

Most case lube is made to NOT contaminate powder or primers. Just leave it in there. BUT some OCD folks take the time to remove it. It MAY cause loss of neck tension, and it may be inconsistent from one to another, depending on the application method.

One way to get rid of it is to tumble after sizing, that removes the lube from the inside and outside of the case. Just be sure to clear the primer flash hole of chunks of the tumbler media.

Back when I used a lube pad, like the RCBS foam pad, I used oil made by Bonanza press company,(co-ax). Forster bought them out, are now making the co-ax. All I did to lube the inside of the neck was push the case neck into the lube pad lightly to put a film on the mouth of the case. It was plenty to lube the passage of the expander button. I left whatever remained, finished loading them. I considered it to be very consistent.

Now days I use the Midway pump spray, which is lanolin in an alcohol carrier. I spray a loading block with it, some gets in the case necks. Plenty of lube, and I leave it in there. Dillon makes a similar spray lube. You can also make your own, just obtain pure lanolin from a pharmacy, mix it with denatured alcohol. Then load it up in a spray bottle you can get at wally world in the garden dept.
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