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I agree with what the other Frank said. I have had shoulder surgery. The physical therapist over did some of my treatments and I'll have to have a second. Listen to your doctor and your body, do not overdo any exercises. Allow yourself to heal. I shoot traditional muzzle loaders and can no longer properly hold one of my favorite rifles, the strength is gone.
My son, a doctor, did martial arts and, like you, ruined a shoulder and had to have two surgeries. But, he was wise enough to give up the marital arts to avoid more, and permanent injuries. It is time for you to take up another avocation, you are destroying your body. I understand that, in martial arts, the quest for perfection is addictive. It is past time for you to give up that addiction. Really, no one can help you except yourself.
Take your time with recovery and healing. Do not try shooting or martial arts until you are COMPLETELY heald and recovered.
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