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Originally Posted by 30Cal
The Redfield 3-9 was a pretty good scope in it's time. Scopes today have lesser optical loss with coating improvements. Mechanically, I think it'd still be a pretty solid scope and would be above average in that respect.

I recall a informal scope test at Elk camp in the early 70's. We had Redfield, Leupold and Weavers. All fairly new models, the Redfields would add 30 minutes plus of hunting time due to the superior light gathering capability.

Todays scopes have higher magnification spreads, a 6-22 zoom has unheard of back then.

Nightforce is very well received with the local long range shooters, followed by Leupold, Vortex and many others.

When you account for inflation todays scopes are a bargain, There are some very good ones starting around $350, or about $50 in 1967-68 dollars.
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