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Kodiak issued that one press release, with a single picture of a painted/Photoshopped black Auto Mag. They put up a web site and a forum for a while; the forum was mostly people saying "are you ever going to ask any questions?" evolving into "well, how about a picture of your shop or some parts?" with Kodiak ignoring or blowing off the questions. Then the forum and site went 404 and the phone number went out of service.

As far as I know nobody ever accounted for where the frames came from. From what I've read there were lots of reject castings out there; AMT itself often resorted to hand-fitting rejects just to be able to ship something to its customers.

Walter Sanford has the remains of the tooling, parts, intellectual property, etc. for sale as a package for $50K at It's a smokin' deal, but it would just be a start; AMT sank maybe half a million 1970 dollars into the initial development of the gun. Walt's stuff would give someone a big leg up, but it's not a gun company in a warehouse, just what's left after a dozen corporate re-orgs, auctions, and bankruptcies.
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