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i got one years back, love the straight pull bolt. but my extractor broke on the bolt. still haven't found a bolt to replace it. an i really hate the ideal of another bolt besides the orginal one. so it sits in the back of my closet for now. i do have some ammo for it loaded into clips. an alot of empty clips for it. the ammo is stamped 1939 with german proof marks, the clips also have them stamped on them as well.
if you need a few clips for the rifle holler at me an we'll talk.
lol...the rifle does has a kick to it now..1st. time i shot mine, i wasn't expecting it to kick tht hard, but you get used to it.
if you can find ammo for it, its a great rifle to own in my opion, an for that price makes it all the better!
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