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Strange dies.....

I bought a used press (CH C press) and the guy tossed in a few dies. But there is no way that they would fit into the press. They are about the diameter of a dime. They are black in color with very little marking on them. 2 say "8 MM" Guessing that means 8 milometer Turkish. and one says "270" (i know its .270 cal, but not sure if its FL and it doesn't have a extractor pin in it) and the big long Bullet seater die just says "15" on it. And last but not least, a die that has extractor in it says 2.78 or 278 not sure if the "." is there or a spot of rust.

I will toss a pic up as soon as I can. If you think it will help...

Anyone have any idea??? What kind of press do I need for these?
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