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Geez, some great replies, and I would agree I would not want to have a gun in my hand when the police arrive....but after I have cleared the area I could reholster my gun by looking down and safely because if the area is not safe after I cleared it when if ever will it be safe? And if it is never safe why should I reholster my gun?

Still I googled up "reholstering accidents" and got 68000 hits, now I did not read them so anyone's quess if they are appropriate or not but I would bet that more people get shot while reholstering than by a bad guy while they are looking down to reholster after a self defense encounter.

The Firing Line and other firearm forums are great and think of all the guys and gals and all the different guns they carry and all the different holsters they use,,,sure they should all get well trained in gun safety,,,but once again I would bet more of them will get shot by a reholstering accident than by a bad guy in a self defense encounter if they looked down and were extremely careful while reholstering....

Sometimes I think in this one area the training schools are incorrect.

I quess I have been in enough dangerous situations that I tend to over think things and am overly cautious,,,these have been some good replies and I might have to adjust my thinking somewhat.
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