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Originally Posted by MB21
...I dislocated my shoulder back in March while longboarding. I am extremely active in the martial art of Kung Fu San Soo (black belt) and Parkour. Since March, I have re-dislocated my shoulder 4 other times, two of them being major, two minor during these activities.

I have surgery on Dec 7 (Pearl Harbor Day) and the recovery time is 3-6 months. ....

... tonight I managed to have my 3rd major dislocation in Kung Fu, so that might screw my plans over. Honestly, this is probably the worst one yet, as I am in excruciating pain whenever i move my shoulder (I did re-locate it)....
From an old guy almost three times your age, let me suggest that five dislocations since your initial one in March should be considered what is called a "clue": you are not letting your injuries properly heal before re-stressing the joint. When a joint dislocates, muscles stretch, ligaments and tendons stress and often begin to develop small tears which can enlarge until they become major rips. The joint is weaker until it heals completely. And healing a dislocation takes time and care.

You are obviously not taking care of yourself, and that could leave you with a permanent disability. Joints are tricky. I dislocated my knee doing judo when I was in high school, and it can still occasionally give me trouble now -- some fifty years later.

Don't go shooting immediately after your surgery. Take the three to six months to recover. Do what your doctors suggests. Get some physical therapy as recommended by your doctor.

Or do what you want and wind up with a disability in a few years. It's your choice.
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