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When I carry openly with retention holster I never need to look when re-holstering. When I carry inner waistband I ALWAYS look. Way too unsafe to clear a shirt and find the opening without looking. I have a galco reinforced IWB holster I wear strong-side a four o'clock. It requires that I use both hands to holster SAFELY. Every time I have attempted one handed the tension from my belt tends to rack the slide as I push down and creates a situation I feel is conducive to accidents. Besides, my way of thinking if I have to shoot to defend my self I would like to keep alert and ready until police arrive. When they do arrive the gun would be on the ground and visibly not in my possession. I would not want to be armed in any way when they come in guns drawn. When called to shots fired they will come in hard and fast to control the situation and I can't imagine anyone having a gun on them is going to get friendly service.
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