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You received a renewal of your 03 C&R license early and unsolicited??? I would think you have to apply for a renewal.
No, it's not a renewal. It is a new license with the same expiration date as the one I renewed last year (June of 2011).
The differences arethe small, nickle sized DOJ seal at the top left of the one issued is not present on the new one, the words Federal Firearms License with (19 U.S.C Chapter 44) underneath are top center with U.S. Department of Justice on the left side with Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco firearms and Explosives under that. Some other layout changes as well. And the addition of fore mentioned wallet card.

As far as the wallet card, that could be something new for convenience. It would beat having to keep a folded copy of the licence in your wallet. For those unexpected opportunities

The card does contain all the information that would be needed by the seller. However, the only time I have bought C&R firearms in person in the past 10 years of having my C&R license has been from Cole's at the Knob Creek MG shoot. They wanted copies of my license, not to look at, but to keep with their records. Even though I have always had a copy on file with them for on-line, or phone orders.

It means you can't deal in firearms. The license is for acquiring Curio and Relic firearms and making the occaisonal trade or sale to improve your collection.

A dealer's license is an FFL01. This is an FFL03. It's valid for purchases, although many FFL01 dealers still run the NICS check, etc., etc.
I am well aware of that, having had my 03 C&R license for over 10 years. Not to mention a bound book that looks like a phone book!

I assume that this new license has the correct number, matching your old license?? Still, this is all strange. Something is not right here. Call up the BATFE and find out what is going on.
The plot thickens!!! Ah, the ole "assumption"!
I did to, until I re-read your post and checked that is. First number is correct, the two digits after the dash are OK, BUT!!! the three digits after the second dash don't match my original. Oh, Oh, Somebody's going to be delayed in getting their license!!!
The strange thing is everything else is correct. Name, address, expiration date. So why would they be issuing a new, or renewal license in November of 2012 that has an expiration date of June, 2014. Only 18 months, not three years.
I agree, a phone call tomorrow is in order.
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