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Thanks for the replies, but I would respectfully disagree...In a self defense situation you of course have to draw as fast as you can,,,but after it is all over and you are positively sure your surroundings are safe and clear,,,you have all the time in the world to a civilian and not professional law enforcement or military you will not have to handcuff anyone, or watch a suspect, or restrain a suspect, and if you do have to do that as a civilian, I would suggest keeping your gun out until help arrives to assist in such activities.

When are your surroundings safe,,,are your surrounding safe just because you kept your eyes downrange while reholstering or because you cleared the area and know your surroundings are safe....Also if you follow that rule and reholster with your eyes downrange,,,can you assume your surroundings are safe at that point and lower your eyes or at what point can you lower your eyes or not be vigilant? Obviously the answer is when you have cleared the area and know it is safe and you had better do that before you reholster.

I have carried with practically every holster system imaginable,,,including IWB where you have to clear a garmet to draw and reholster, OWB where you have to clear a garment to draw and reholster, pocket holster carry in a front pocket, Thunderwear or Smartcarry holster and we all know where the handgun is pointing with that holster, fanny pack holster worn in front, shoulder holsters, ankle holsters, waistband or belly band holsters, cargo pocket holsters, pager pal holsters, etc, and some are easy to reholster without looking and some are not....why not err on the side of safety and be very careful while reholstering using your eyes and in some cases both hands to reholster, it only makes sense and I do not think anyone can argue that is would not be safer for everyone.
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