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What's the major difference between WC and SWC. Which one is better? And why are they called wadcutters? Because they cut wads in stuff?
If you look at the links in this thread you'll see. Or spend five minutes on google and it will be apparent.

Balistically at higher speeds and longer distances a SWC will stabilize better. This is ideal for hunting and works good on people too.

The full WC is good up close, it's used for targets because it makes a nice clean hole in paper. Because of this most commercial ammo is loaded for best accuracy which is usually at a lower velocity.

To get one that's best for SD you need to buy something made for it, like the Buffalo Bore ammo linked above or make it yourself.

The problem with loading it yourself is there isn't a lot of hot data out there for it and most or all of the bullet is set deep within the case. Because of that the volume for powder is reduced so loads need to be kept moderate or risk going over pressure.
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