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Ok, this is the first time I've come across a severely rusted barrel as well as mild rust to the individual cylinders.
The obvious question is how much rust is too much in the barrel?
I'm going to keep working on it but there is what looks like a uniform pitting from forcing cone to muzzle.

Also, has anybody ever heard of "Stone Valley Arms"?
I realize it's an importer and my .44 navy brasser has the inscription
(smblack powder only made in Italy) on the barrel and stone valley arms under the ram rod. the marking "BF" in a box looks like the Man. date.
Any ideas?
I'm thinking the SM stands for San Marco.
PS- the gap between cylinder face and forcing cone looks excessive.
With the gun cocked, I can move the cylinder forward just a skoshe to the forcing cone. Tolerances?
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