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I broke my right (shooting side) collar bone in a motorcycle accident 7/2006. Not just a simple break, the collar bone broke into four pieces, and one of the middle pieces turned 90 degrees. Needless to say the healing process was long because I elected to let it heal and avoid surgery / steel plate and screws. Shooting a gun was the farthest thing from my mind until late fall of 2006. Even then, 50 rounds from a .22 was about enough for me. In 2007 I found a felt recoil generator on the internet. Sorry, I didn’t save the URL, but it may still be out there. I entered the required info for my largest rifle and it gave me the foot pounds of felt force on my shoulder. I printed it and took it to my doctor for approval. Even a year after the accident, the doctor said no way. In late 2007 I stepped up to a .223. Then in 2008 jumped to my large caliber rifles. So far so good, but have yet to try a 12 ga shotgun, so my turkey hunting days are over. My advice, ask your doctor before getting too crazy.
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