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Which 1860 Henry?

I've decided to finally start seriously looking into getting the rifle that is in the top three on my "top 10 list of guns I've always wanted" 1860 Henry. But which one? The primary use for this gun will be hunting deer and weekend blasting. I was pretty set on one in 45 colt ( I have a couple SAA and DAs in 45) really wish someone had made one in .44 mag But would like to hear pros and cons between the 45 colt that I am familiar with and the 44-40 that I know pretty much nothing about.

Also I was thinking of a steel frame, I would imagine the Brass one is probably more of a plating rather than solid...but I plan on shooting some pretty stout loads for hunting and the term "brass" just troughs red flags in my brain

Not sure which to go with either... Taylor's? cimarron? Find an older lightly used one from someplace like Navy Arms? Go direct to uberti? Just wanting to get a nice one and not spend more than about $1400

Thoughts, comments or any help is appreciated.

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