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First of all, I deeply respect your command of the English language. I can only understand a small bit of Spanish and am in no way what you could call bilingual (able to speak two languages). You have my respect and admiration.
OK, back to percussion revolvers: I have never been able to get a conicalv (the LEE .450 200gr) to fit under the rammer of a Pietta. An ASM (Armi San Marco) can be loaded with a little jiggling and an Uberti with less juggling but a Pietta, no. You need to remove a bunch of metal on the underside of the barrel in the area that surrounds the cylinder pin. Look very closely at an original and you will see there is much more room to place a conical bullet. Contact zb17ghost to get some samples. Now, you could load them with the cylinder removed from the gun using a cylinder press but you won't likely be able to load a conical with the cylinder mounted in the gun. I've tried and the Piettas just don't have the room the originals have.
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