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The point being that there are reliability problems with a lot of more expensive 1911's. For the money the PT1911 is a great gun. You can find plenty of posts on the internet about reliability issues on $2000 Les Baer 1911's.
Every gun can malfunction. I've seen glocks fail. GASP!

But saying a PT1911 is the equal of something that is clearly superior in quality makes no sense. As I said before I never said its a bad gun I simply stated that I feel there are superior weapons in that price bracket. Except you guys get all defensive if someone disagrees with your opinion of the gun.

Your now comparing a PT1911 to Les Baers?! Why to make you feel better?

For my money Springer, Ruger, RIA. If you feel that the Pt1911 is a better gun buy all means keep yours I don't have to own it.
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